Introducing the iAM-R

Where mobility meets smart

They say everything starts with a solid foundation. And that’s true – you’d do well to find a better mobile robot base than this. But the MiR200 is more than just solid. It’s also agile, responsive and clever to boot. The MiR200 doesn’t run on tracks, it runs on intelligence. Designed to navigate your workplace layout. With sensors that scan the environment for obstacles and the brain power to find a way around.

Where intelligence is one of a kind

Above the MiR200 sits our modular interface – the main intelligence behind the iAM-R. This interface is never ‘off the shelf’, or ‘one size fits all’. Instead we look at your factory workspace and recommend installing the technology that will push the robot to be the best it can for you. 100% customised and fully programmable, we make our interfaces in-house so we can maintain quality and performance. Automation has never been this clever.

Where collaboration is made easy

Next, above the bespoke modular interface and MiR200, comes a collaborative robot arm. Available in three different sizes and capable of carrying up to 10kg in weight, these arms are designed to mimic the range of motion of a human, with six articulation points and a wide scope of flexibility. They’re also easily customised and integrated – an almost endless list of add-ons awaits.

  • The Base
  • The interface
  • The Arm
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